Lindy SWI-USB-4P-Auto


Lindy USB 2.0 Autoswitch Pro 4 port


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Share a USB 2.0 peripheral between 4 computers
Switch access between computers via auto mode (printers only) or with button press
Provides 'First Come First Serve' functionality for Windows PCs
USB bus-powered
2 year warranty


The Lindy 4 Port USB 2.0 Auto Switch allows up to 4 users to share a USB peripheral like printer, scanner or storage device without the need to repeatedly swap cables. Access between computers is switched via auto mode (printers only) or push button. It provides 'First come first serve' functionality for Windows PCs. The switch is ideal for sharing a printer in a small office environment.


Using the switch in conjunction with a USB hub allows you to add additional devices, increasing the overall functionality of your workstation. A power supply can be connected optionally for use with high current USB devices. 


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